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Xtegra Blast Curtains

Advanced Fabric Technologies industrial Blast Curtains

Xtegra Safety Blast Curtains save time and money when carrying out pressure testing for API Standard 53 - 4th Edition, Blowout Prevention Equipment Systems for drilling wells. The blast curtain wraps around the choke & kill, cement and standpipe manifolds so that operators can carry on working during pressure testing which is required every 14 or 21 days dependent on geographical location requirements. Advanced Fabric Technology blast curtains can proudly protect oil well services, oil operators, oil field services, offshore installations, oil refineries and industrial plants. Advanced Fabric Technologies blast mitigation offers light weight safety solutions in austere environments and rough conditions. 

-Addition of curtain has provided increased protection of personnel during high pressure testing by isolating the equipment during the tests

-Protection of drill floor area has permitted simultaneous productive operations (tripping pipe) and allow the pressure testing of the Manifolds offline

-An average cost saving of $170,000 (£ 117,000.00) per pressure test on the RGV across the 6 first BOP tests giving a potential saving of $1.2million (£ 900 ,000.00) on the current well (WFD) that could be realized, assuming 8 tests- Figures from TOTAL E & P.

Advanced fabric technology blast curtains are fully engineered systems for both onshore & offshore industries while protecting personnel and assets from possible manifold release of 15,000-25,000 psi. We also provide time and huge cost savings all outlined in the link below

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