Advanced Fabric Technologies

Blast Mitigation SAFETY CURTAINS UTILIZING Auxetic technology

Advanced Fabric Technologies (AFT) is a textile engineering and manufacturing company with a focus on auxetic solutions for material systems. The company has extensive experience developing techniques and manufacturing processes for the fabrication of auxetics that offer better strength and energy absorption than conventional materials.

AFT provides complete product development from understanding and prioritizing customer’s requirements; developing numerical and analytical models to allow rapid evaluation and optimization of the most cost effective design; prototype development and testing to prove the suitability of the design; and full scale production.

AFT’s high-traction senior staff has decades of research and product development experience. The company has provided engineering solutions for the leaders in the Oil & Gas industry..

Auxetic materials, including auxetic yarns, are characterized by their negative Poisson’s Ratio. Unlike conventional materials, when stretched, auxetic materials become thicker in the direction perpendicular to the strain. Weaving wrapped fibers with composites creates fabric that thickens and strengthens when hit by explosive forces.

Auxetic yarns, when combined with other yarns and fibers, can be tailored to provide high-strength energy absorbing special-purpose products and fabrics. Characteristics include:

-Types of Ballistic and blast resistance
-Flame resistance or full fire proofing
-Low observable Electromagnetic signatures
-Thermal management
-Physiological monitoring and stimulation

Heat testing some of our Xtegra line of fabrics

testing Xtegra Blast Curtains against 40psi pressure wave
Advanced Fabric Technologies industrial Blast Curtains
AFT's Xtegra-3 and Zoombang stop multiple pipe bombs.